The Broadcast Channel Summit

A mini-workshop organized by INC and ITCSC
March 7 - 14, 2010

Broadcast channel models one of the fundamental multiterminal information theory problems, that involving the reliable communication of multiple messages from a single sender to multiple recivers via a noisy channel. This models, for instance, the communication that occurs from a cell-phone tower to the users within its cell. Characterization of the set of maximal rates in this setting remains an open problem for almost four decades. There has been some success for restricted channel models (degraded, deterministic, MIMO Gaussian), however the general discrete memoryless setting remains an open problem.

Recently there has been a spurt of acitivity in this problem, and the workshop attempts to bring together a small group of researchers who have been very active in this area recently. The purpose of this workshop is to have a forum where the reseachers can discuss the various developments and discuss various pieces of inutition to (hopefully) make some progress on this classic problem.


Invited Participants
Prof. Venkat Anantharam, Professor, UC Berkeley
  Prof. Abbas El Gamal, Professor, Stanford University
  Prof. Young-Han Kim, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego
  Mr. Amin Aminzadeh Gohari, PhD candidate, UC Berkeley
Local Participants
Prof. Chandra Nair, Assistant Professor,The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  Mr. Yenlin Geng, PhD Candidate, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  Mr. Zizhou Wang, PhD Candidate, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Organizers: Institute of Network Coding
  Institute of Theoretical Computer Science and Communications