Institute of Theoretical Computer Science and Communications


The Institute of Theoretical Computer Science and Communications (ITCSC) was established in July 2007 to promote and support innovative and cutting-edge research in theoretical computer and communication sciences. The core members of the institute work broadly in the areas of complexity theory, algorithms, convex and non-convex optimization, multi-user information theory, coding theory, quantum information theory, and other related sub-areas in the theoretical foundations of computer and information sciences.

The objective of the institute is to foster innovative research by working across traditional disciplinary boundaries and to bring together theoretical researchers from different departments. The institute also hosts a few post-doctoral fellows who are free to work with any of the members of the institute.

Since 2007, over 150 scholars from all over the world visited to CUHK for short-term and long-term collaboration with ITCSC members, where26 workshops, 13 colloquiums, and over 120 seminars have been organized.

Prof. Andrew Yao was the founding director and guided the institute through its formative years. Upon stepping down from the director position in 2017, he continues to serves as the honorary director and mentor of this institute.


July 2- August 23, 2024
July 3- August 25, 2023
July 5- August 27, 2021
Summer Research Program 2020
July 16-September 4, 2020
June 30-August 23, 2019
July 9-August 24, 2018
Aug 22-26, 2016


Upcoming Seminars
IE Seminar

August 18, 2023
Lap Chi Lau, University of Waterloo

Past Seminars
ITCSC-CSE Joint Seminar
December 24, 2019
(1)Luca Trevisan, Bocconi University (2) Lap Chi Lau, University of Waterloo
ITCSC-CSE Joint Seminar
September 11, 2019
Martin Charles Golumbic, University of Haifa
ITCSC-CSE Joint Seminar
July 2, 2019
Madhur Tulsiani,Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
ITCSC-CSE Joint Seminar
January 10, 2019
Akshayaram Srinivasan, UC Berkeley
IE-ITCSC Joint Seminar
December 12, 2018
Prof. Balaji Prabhakar, Stanford University

Theory Lunch

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IERG6120 Advanced Top in Inform Erg I by Professor Pascal Vontobel
IERG6154 Network Information Theory by Professor Chandra Nair
ENGG5301 Channel Coding and Modulation by Professor LI Cheuk Ting
CSCI5030 Machine Learning Theory by Professor Farzan FARNIA